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Nike Reveals New “Rawdacious” Footwear Color Palette For the Tokyo Olympic Games

Nike football shoes side

2021 new Nike football shoesBefore the Tokyo Olympics, Nike (NYSE: NKE + 1.64%) launched its new “Rawdacious” footwear color scheme to celebrate and represent the “unity of global sports.” The series covers all elements from Nike Running to Nike SB, Nike Basketball and Nike Global Football (football), presenting vibrant shoes and cleats, attracting attention to its iconic technical components.

Nike football shoes OutsideEach pair uses white as the base tone to symbolize unity, because it contains all the tones in the visible spectrum. “Pink Blast”, “Total Orange” and “Bright Crimson” appeared on each pair of shoes, specifically used to call iconic technologies such as Zoom Air and React foam. The best of the many choices include Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT%, ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% 2 and Air Zoom Pegasus 38’s FlyEase iteration. Nyjah Huston’s SB Nyjah Free 2, SB Janoski Slip and other Nike SB products-On and SB Bruin are different from their compatriots, they use gold as their main tone. The series also includes basketball shoes, track spikes and football shoes.

2021 Nike football boots“Color has the subtle ability to cause reaction and reflection at the same time,” said Martha Moore, vice president of product design for Nike Central Color. “When you see a color, you will immediately react in a certain way. Color can also open the door to history, connections with other disciplines and memories. When creating this year’s palette, we strive to Consider color to best represent a moment.”

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The Best Nike Running Shoes Make You Feel Like an Olympian at Every Turn

2021 Nike Phantom GT Elite FG red and blue football boots

2021 Nike Superfly 8 Spark Positivity CR7 Elite FG Red White Black Football Boots overallIf you have considered running on a sidewalk, track, or trail this summer, you may inevitably encounter the best Nike running shoes on the market. For many reasons, Swoosh is a multi-billion dollar behemoth, but when it comes to performance footwear, nothing is more compelling than the brand’s outstanding reputation. Look, before Nike became a global superpower almost synonymous with sports, it was a small business founded by a former college track star and his coach. Its ultimate mission was to design a better running shoe. Today, this Portland factory produces various types of sportswear, but sports shoes are still its backbone, and its running shoes work overtime to maintain this tradition. Nike’s running shoes are one of the best running shoes in the world, because what they provide-from cushioning, durability to energy feedback-gives you the opportunity to feel like Eliud Kipchoge, whether you are an amateur looking for a new daily routine Trainers or hardcore half-marathon runners on the enthusiast running shoe market, this will help you smash the final PB.

NIKE PHANTOM GT Elite Dynamic Fit FG White Gold SuitWhen you buy a Nike racer, the product you bought has been enthusiastically repaired: foam midsole, patterned outsole, mesh upper-every detail is specially designed to achieve the highest caliber performance, long-term long-distance Trails, 10-second sprints or winding uphill. This level of attention is a key part of Nike’s story. This special seasoning made sneakers snapped up by the masses and shamelessly copied by the brand’s competitors. Flyknit, Flywire, FlyEase? Before Nike turned them into household terms, all of these were meaningless internal jargon while making them represent industry-standard technologies in the process.

Nike Phantom GT Elite DF FG black and green football shoes

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Nike Take Flight With Mercurial Vapor Superfly ‘Dragonfly’ Football Boots

Nike Take Flight With Mercurial Vapor Superfly ‘Dragonfly’ Football Boots overall

Nike Take Flight With Mercurial Vapor Superfly ‘Dragonfly’ Football BootsThe vibrancy, geometry and agility of a dragonfly’s wing has served as inspiration for the new generation Mercurial Vapor Superfly Dragonfly football boots from Nike. And the eye-catching footwear is locked in for an online release at the top of February, already set to be worn by players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Ada Hegerberg who will sport the boots ahead of release.

Nike Take Flight With Mercurial Vapor Superfly ‘Dragonfly’ Football Boots-Nike has gone with a feathery lightweight design that moves away from the previous model’s Flyknit and introduces a new Vaporposite upper, a combination of a grid mesh for superior grip and premium lining for precision ball control at high speeds – made from four different layers including a duragon wet traction, engineered mesh, titan synthetic and avail Q lining. A Nike Aerotrack plate has been included underfoot for better responsiveness and acceleration, sharpening focus on the essentials, which were identified through numerous player feedback resulting in the 4 key focus areas of fit, touch, traction and style.

Nike Take Flight With Mercurial Vapor Superfly ‘Dragonfly’ Football Boots SoleAthlete insight has led Nike’s design team to aspire for an upper that feels more like a natural extension of the foot, as well as a more true-to-life touch to help players maintain control at high speeds. Traction was identified as one of the most important areas for quick acceleration and breaking in all directions, while a brighter, lighter and faster style has also been kept as one of the central elements. The result is what looks to be one of the biggest evolutions to date for the Mercurial Superfly, not just performance-wise, but aesthetically with a wild and attention-grabbing super bright look that was inspired by a computer motherboard and collates visuals from the past 23 years of iconic Mercurials. It won’t be hard to spot this one from the top of the stands.

JNike -Take Flight With Mercurial Vapor Superfly ‘Dragonfly’ Football Bootsust 7 prime components have been used to ensure both maximum efficiency and minimal weight for the wearer, placing performance and speed above all else.

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Skepta’s Next Move is on the Pitch

Football boots on feet

Football boots on feetMay 13, 2021 – London-born artist Skepta applies his creative vision to the world of football through the Nike Phantom x Skepta boot. The release corresponds with a second, the “Bloody Chrome” colorway, of the Nike Air Max Tailwind V x Skepta and further extends his on-going relationship with the Swoosh.

The first music artist to collaborate with Nike on a performance football boot, Skepta has created a Phantom boot that sits proudly alongside its Air Max counterpart.

2011 Adidas Fanatic Wolverine PREDATOR FREAK + FG football bootsThe two silhouettes share a wealth of design details — the red butterfly print applied to the uppers continues Skepta’s exploration of creative metamorphosis, while the chrome Swooshes and soleplate on the Phantom are inspired by the silver jewelry that’s an integral part of Skepta’s style. As on the previous Tailwind V x Skepta, the heels of both the red Phantom and the Air Max feature a subtle iridescent material as an eye-catching nod to the thermographic cover art of Skepta’s 2019 album “Ignorance Is Bliss.”

Reflecting on his own footballing experiences, Skepta says, “I love the pressure when you call for the ball. When they pass it to you, you become the sole director of the next move for the team. You’ve got a split second to decide, ‘is it good for me to keep this and show what I’m about or is it good to pass it and show that I’m thinking about all the players on the pitch?’”

Adidas COPA SENSE.1 TF grass spike football shoesPresenting the Phantom and the Nike Air Tailwind V together creates a full-circle view of Skepta’s community-centered mentality.

“I love the culture around football as much as the game; I’m really into the culture of football jerseys for what they represent. They represent ‘team,’” he says. “Going to matches is sick too. When you go to a match, you experience live people, live audio, all the things that the TV might miss …you really feel it more than see it or hear it when you’re there.”

The Nike Phantom x Skepta and “Bloody Chrome” Nike Tailwind V x Skepta release June 12.

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Nike’s Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Is the Best All-Around Running Shoe

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 FlyEase Black, White and Blue CW7356-003

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 FlyEase Black, White and Blue CW7356-003It’s always best to train in a planned way, but every once in a while, I can’t figure out how I plan to incorporate running into my fitness plan. For example, when the weather is teetering on the verge of never completely raining, I can’t decide whether to go on the road for a long time, or do sprint work on an assault treadmill, or just record a mile or two on the tread.

It is in these days that I always reach out for my Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38s. In the past few months, Nike’s most versatile pair of all-around running shoelaces I have traveled a variety of miles (in many other cases, because it looks so sharp and clean; I will explain in detail later) .In this process, Peg 38s perfectly combines elasticity, stability and comfort to provide a smooth ride in a smooth ride. They are a workhorse running shoe that can play a role in multiple ways, and they also have a consistent, versatile style. Their price is $120, making them more value for money.

2021 Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 mesh breathable running shoes DD1827-001 LeftLast year, in fact, Nike began a drastic transformation of Pegasus, putting its super-elastic React foam into the shoe (instead of the old but stable Cushlon), changing it to forefoot Air cushion, and adjusting the external design. The end result looked more like some professional running shoes from Nike, which made me nervous at first. But it turns out that the ride is stable and responsive.Based on last year’s innovation, Peg 38s has adjusted the same design. This means you can still get React and Zoom Air in the sole, but Nike has made other adjustments for better comfort. The toe cap opens slightly; the feeling last year was always so slightly cramped and pressed against the outside of my foot. The heel also feels a bit tight, which is a good thing; last year’s Pegs did not completely lock the back of my foot in the shoe.

The running experience is best described as “smooth”. You can get a lot of comfort and firm cushioning from Peg 38s without sacrificing responsiveness. You can feel the ground in these shoes, every step you will feel the explosive forceThe biggest step forward for the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 sneaker is the overall appearance. Last year’s Pegs looked very much like running shoes and seemed to draw a lot of inspiration from Nike’s hardcore runners. However, Peg 38s provides a more attractive appearance and looks as comfortable as running shoes, but it is not suitable as a normal exercise shoe or a leisurely Friday night shoe.

New Product Release Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Mesh Breathing Running Shoe CW7356-100When you step in, this material feels softer and softer. The wider tongue makes the appearance more perfect. Nike also offers an adjusted shoelace system; the webbing near the laces brings a tight and friendly fit. The Nike swoosh with accent colors and stylish silhouettes completes this bag and strikes a balance between fashion for runners and ordinary people.I tested the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 sneakers on three different surfaces (track, grass, and my Assault Fitness manual treadmill), and on each surface, Pegs was stable and lively. Their forefoot provides firm fluidity and bending freedom, while still providing support, and the entire riding process is always smooth.

One of the best parts of these sneakers is how they cater to a variety of different running paces. When moving from heel to toe during a three-mile run, the Peg 38s performed as expected and easily handled the run with sufficient cushioning. It is also impressive how they performed when I took a sprint in my assault. I can almost “feel” my big toe off the ground, which is a sign of the outstanding flexibility of the entire Peg 38 sole.Peg 38s also provides so much cushioning that almost anything can land comfortably and naturally. As part of the warm-up for sprint training, I ran high knees, one-leg jumps, and stand-up long jumps. Especially the last exercise is not always the function of running shoes, but every time I land from the long jump, I can easily get balance in Pegs, and I never feel that my heel hits the ground.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 mesh breathable running shoes DH4254-100The end result is a very comprehensive running shoe that anyone and everyone can appreciate-especially considering the design. You can wear Pegasus 38s in almost any situation, from treadmill running to outdoor long-distance running, to travel to the grocery store, these shoes can provide you with support. These are the perfect generalist running shoes, in addition to a lot of versatility.

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If you can’t beat’em, join’em: How Nike cornered the running shoe marke

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% buy

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% Left(CNN) He may no longer be sponsored by Nike, but American long-distance runner Mason Ferridge is still faltering.This is because, in the process of striving to become the United States Olympic team, Ferlic believes that Nike’s super running shoe series has brought him an advantage, and these shoes have completely changed the long-distance running sport in recent years.Felik, 27, said he was eager to celebrate the physical achievements of athletes and “stop this ridiculous debate about what shoes people wear”, but he realized that the moment was long gone.”You will see in Olympic trials and competitions that athletes sponsored by other brands wear Nike shoes with painted swooshes,” Felik told CNN Sport.Even before the arrival of Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT%, Nike’s running shoes attracted envy. When Eliud Kipchoge became the first person ever to run a marathon in two hours, the prototypes of these shoes added luster to his feet, even though he was helped by a large group of pacesetters and a car.
Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% OutsideToday, Nike’s most advanced racing shoes are no longer the treasures of elite runners. Park runners, casual joggers and hipsters wear them.Kipchoge crossed the finish line in Vienna, Austria, for the first ever marathon in less than two hours.Kipchoge crossed the finish line in Vienna, Austria, for the first ever marathon in less than two hours.Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% includes a carbon fiber board, which is said to provide runners with a sense of propulsion, as well as a thick foam sole and two streamlined pods on the forefoot. According to Nike, Alphafly has more foam than another popular Nike racing shoe, the ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%, and provides additional impact protection and cushioning.
Ferlic said: “This is a good product that can be self-promoted.” Ferlic said that in addition to Nike’s ZoomX Dragonfly spikes for track and field competitions, he will continue to wear Vaporflys. He previously had a Nike professional contract, which was signed in 2016.Both men’s and women’s official marathon records are run in the ZoomX Vaporfly Next% version. These runs prove a lot of evidence of the effectiveness of Nike’s technology.Kenyans Kipchoge and Brigid Kosgei took a sizable piece from the previous marathon world record. Kipchoge lowered the threshold by 78 seconds in 2018 and 2019, while Kosgei lowered the threshold by 81 seconds.Ferlic, based in Michigan, believes that the initial launch of Vaporflys is similar to doping, because people wearing shoes have a clear advantage over chasers.
Hot-Air-Jordan-3-Retro-Tinker-NRG-Seoul-White-Soar-Atom-Red-AV8370-100-for-Sale-1Mason Ferlic won the men’s 5000m championship in the USATF gold medal competition held in Walnut, California on May 9.
On May 9, Mason Ferlic won the men’s 5000m championship at the USATF Golden Games in Walnut, California.He is not the only athlete who says that.In January 2020, British Olympic marathon runner Mara Yamauchi told the BBC: “If they say that doping is not allowed, because it can improve performance, but we feel that these shoes can also improve performance. Satisfied, then it’s a bit inconsistent.”
Following Nike’s success, other leading footwear brands including Adidas, Arthurs, Brooks and New Balance have also launched their own super shoes, which include carbon fiber boards and ultra-light foam.
2020-Nike-Kyrie-7-EP-Pink-Lake-Blue-Yellow-DC0588-003-for-Black-Friday-1But now, most athletes seem to be running, and analysts say that this field is leveling off again.”Driven by our unremitting efforts to bring innovation to athletes, running continues to bring sustainable development to Nike. We are passionate about track and field sports and have made unremitting efforts. We look forward to the future of this sport. Continued development and success in the middle of the year,” Nike said in a statement to CNN.Eliud Kipchoge will wear controversial Nike shoes for the first time in the official race of the London Marathon Eliud Kipchoge will wear Nike’s controversial shoes for the first time in the official race of the London Marathon
The original prototype of this pair of shoes was only sent to some athletes, such as Kipchoge, at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Despite being abandoned by Nike, Ferlic believes that it is an advantage not to associate with the shoe brand.

He believes that Adidas athletes must decide between being loyal to Adidas or eager to realize their childhood dreams.Ferlic said, “I’m almost happy that I don’t have to make this decision.” “I want to wear the best shoes of the day.”Zach Ornelas, another long-distance runner and friend of Ferlic, believes that Nike is reducing sponsorship, except for the best athletes.”Nike knows they have the best shoes. They don’t need to donate money to people,” Onelas told CNN Sport.”People will wear shoes anyway. And those who are abandoned: they are exercising and wearing Nike shoes to compete.
“It’s sad. Fortunately, I don’t need to win games to eat. I have a job. But if running is my full-time job, I will be at Vaporflys.”
A pair of Nike “super sneakers” can be seen in the Design Museum in London.A pair of Nike “super shoes” appeared in

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Adidas Ultraboost 21: performance-driven running shoes with excellent additional features

Are you planning a 5km or 10km run this spring and want to know which shoes are the best? I have a similar question, although there are a few Nike and Sketchers. Then the answer is given in Ultraboost 21, which is the latest in Adidas’ highly respected professional runner series.

Adidas Ultra Boost 21 ConsortiumAdidas Ultraboost21 has borrowed many things from its predecessors in cushioning soles and thick heels, but it has its own unique visual appeal, enough to attract attention when you are on the court. It may not look as fancy as the Nike Vaporfly 4%. But, honestly, this is not a fair comparison. Instead, you might want to compare it with Nike’s Zoomfly or Infinity Run.

Ultraboost 21 is designed for serious runners, and Adidas has made a major upgrade to make it a pair of strict performance shoes. Compared with last year’s Ultraboost 20, the main highlight of Boost technology is Boost technology-midsole eTPU foam, which can absorb your steps and then restore your body shape.

Please note that this does take some time to adapt. The feeling of running in these shoes is a bit different: it’s like a slight bounce when you touch the ground, but after some steps, you will find that it will push you to walk a little more.

2021-adidas-Ozweego-Celox-Cloud-White-GZ7278-For-SaleThis is not just an extra boost; the energy return is also great. Adidas brought a redesigned LEP (Linear Energy Push), which increased the bending stiffness of the forefoot by 15%, which, as Adidas said, resulted in “more controllable and responsive strides.”

Not only that: Ultraboost 21 is also environmentally friendly; its Primeknit+ upper is a high-performance recycled material, partly made of Parley Ocean plastic. Adidas said that 50% of the shoe uppers are textiles, and 75% of the textiles are Primeblue yarns. The Primeknit+ upper allows the shoe to breathe; it has many small holes for air to pass through, which means less sweat and more comfort. The Stretchweb outsole with Continental rubber gives the shoe durability and firm grip.

Nike Vaporfly Next% green jogging shoes LeftI am skeptical of the slide-in design of Ultraboost21. The sock-like fit has always caught my attention, but not always for positive reasons. But that was before I stepped into Ultraboost21; it fits your feet comfortably, and you can tie the straps for more adjustments.

The heel is where the bulk lies, and for good reason: if you prefer the heel to the ground, this is where you gain stability. In addition to energy return, if you change your landing method on a different track, the versatility of this shoe is enough to maintain momentum. In addition, it can also reduce the chance of injury, especially for those who are recovering.Adidas Ultra Boost 21 ShopUltraboost21 looks cumbersome, but weighs only 340 grams, which is very good for a pair of running shoes. Its price is 17,999 rupees, and the price is very competitive. But what is particularly impressive is that this is a pair of performance shoes, and Adidas has packed all the qualities that long-distance runners are looking for.

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Nike vs. Adidas

Nike running shoes buy

As summer is approaching, the running season will be fully functional. Whether you are a former track and field star, a marathon runner, or just a jogger, looking for aerobic exercise, shoes are the most important factor in ensuring that you run safely and efficiently. Among all the footwear products available in the market, there are two brands whose reputations, standards and prices are sometimes higher than other brands: Nike and Adidas.

Nike running shoes buyRunning shoes are designed to be lightweight, shock-absorbing, fit and comfortable, and usually cost between $60-120. High-quality running shoes can provide stability, lifting power and energy feedback, all of which can make you faster and more comfortable when sprinting. Runners aim to push you forward to fight for the finish line or to strengthen the pace.

Both Nike and Adidas are known for high-quality shoes, but there are some factors you should consider before tying up your shoelaces and getting on the right track.
Nike running shoes

Nike running shoesHeadquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, Nike is the most popular footwear brand in the world. It has a strong foothold in major sports leagues and general sportswear. Nike shoes are ubiquitous in music and culture, and their hype can be felt all over the world. As far as running shoes are concerned, Nike has a rich history of innovation since the company was founded. hoe models, including the iconic Air Max series and Air Pegasus series, and they continue to improve their designs every year.

2021 Nike running shoesNike running shoes are considered the most comfortable and durable shoes on the market, and they also make runners faster and more efficient. Recently, Nike has produced a shoe-Vaporfly that may make runners run too fast to compete. The hard carbon fiber board of this pair of shoes is filled between two layers of Nike ZoomX foam, which is softer, lighter and more sensitive than other cushioning materials. The result is that the company claims that this is the fastest shoe they have ever made.

But speed is not everything. Among the many Nike running shoes, the company provides a variety of uses for you to choose from, such as daily running or competition, or variable terrain, such as flat surfaces, light and rugged trails.

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Nike allows you to make your own Air Max 97 shoes to your liking


If there is no Nike’s latest design (seemingly endless design) for you, then the brand has now announced that its Air Max 97 silhouette will be personalized  program. Regardless of gender or size, consumers can create their own version of sneakers by changing their colors, textures and even the appearance of their mesh bottom lining.

fashion-nike-air-max-97-the-future-is-in-the-air-girls-size-for-sale-dd8500-161-2Those who are interested in dealing with a couple should act quickly. Although the silhouette of the Air Max 97 is not as coveted as Nike’s Dunk, the latter sold out in just a few seconds, leading to the disappearance of error messages and pre-saved designs. In the past, the number of pairs of shoes provided by the  program was also very limited. There are rumors that the number of the last pair of shoes was limited to about 130,000 pairs. Regardless of the type of silhouette, each consumer is limited to one customized sneaker.

new-undefeated-x-nike-air-max-97-militia-green-black-orange-blaze-white-dc4830-300New personalization options- drop allows consumers to customize Air Max 97 in an unprecedented way, with new color options, and the opportunity to add patterns to the mesh bottom lining of shoes. If you want to keep the design neutral, you can use classic colors such as black, navy blue, and gray, while neon colors such as orange, yellow, green, and pink can be used as accessories or individual shoe uppers.
In order to adapt to the trend of the 70s, Nike has also customized the mesh backing of the Air Max 97, allowing users to choose the wave pattern mesh to give this shoe a psychedelic effect. The appearance is also similar to the bottom lining of Reebok’s favorite Zig Kinetica sneakers, but Nike’s shoes provide a style with a thick silhouette.

cheap-undefeated-x-nike-air-max-97-sail-aero-blue-midwest-gold-white-dc4830-100-4At the foot, the airbag installed in the sole can also be changed, and various shades can be used, such as neon yellow, classic blue or metallic silver. The midsole and outsole of the shoe provide similar colors, and users can also choose a translucent option.
The ultimate exclusive product-as one of Nike’s most expensive silhouettes, in addition to waiting a month for your personalized shoes, a customized Air Max 97 will also cost you $190. Of course, it may be worth the price to find shoes that meet your exact specifications, or if your favorite shoes are not sold out and resold hundreds of them. After all, custom contours will only be available for a limited time.

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New Balance released the new 574 Silhouettes to mark the launch of “Gray Day” with the “Anyone Wear” campaign.

AW574GREY gray white NB574 sneakers


AW574BLACK black white NB574 sneakersEvery year, New Balance celebrates “Gray Day” in recognition of its iconic gray color scheme. This year, the sports shoe giant launched a campaign called “Anyone Wears” to showcase the release of its three new 574 models.

AM574SSG all white NB574 sneakersThe first of these three is called “Un-N-Ding” and it is the classic 574 structure. There is no signature “N” logo on the midfoot, giving the sneakers a minimalist and retro style. The second version of the shoe is a reintroduction of the original design first released in the 1980s. The perfect fusion is 57/40, renewing the original 547 with a modern feel. The upper is composed of a combination of suede leather and mesh cover, and is made of waves to create a futuristic feel. The top of this sneaker is decorated with a thick rubber sole, which provides comfort and durability in a variety of color schemes.

AW574GREY gray white NB574 sneakersThe “Gray Sky” campaign is called “Anyone Wears” with the same name as the silhouette slogan and aims to provide a platform for emerging British art talents. To celebrate the diversity of the country’s creative industries, New Balance worked with 5 individuals to have a positive impact on their respective communities. On May 15, Cktrl in London, Lauren Ralph in Birmingham, Sumuyya Khader in Liverpool, Meme Gold in Manchester and Wheelman in Glasgow were all creative people. They will have the opportunity to discuss their local broadcast on May 15. The radio station works and publishes topics covering fashion, art and music.