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Skepta’s Next Move is on the Pitch

Football boots on feet

Football boots on feetMay 13, 2021 – London-born artist Skepta applies his creative vision to the world of football through the Nike Phantom x Skepta boot. The release corresponds with a second, the “Bloody Chrome” colorway, of the Nike Air Max Tailwind V x Skepta and further extends his on-going relationship with the Swoosh.

The first music artist to collaborate with Nike on a performance football boot, Skepta has created a Phantom boot that sits proudly alongside its Air Max counterpart.

2011 Adidas Fanatic Wolverine PREDATOR FREAK + FG football bootsThe two silhouettes share a wealth of design details — the red butterfly print applied to the uppers continues Skepta’s exploration of creative metamorphosis, while the chrome Swooshes and soleplate on the Phantom are inspired by the silver jewelry that’s an integral part of Skepta’s style. As on the previous Tailwind V x Skepta, the heels of both the red Phantom and the Air Max feature a subtle iridescent material as an eye-catching nod to the thermographic cover art of Skepta’s 2019 album “Ignorance Is Bliss.”

Reflecting on his own footballing experiences, Skepta says, “I love the pressure when you call for the ball. When they pass it to you, you become the sole director of the next move for the team. You’ve got a split second to decide, ‘is it good for me to keep this and show what I’m about or is it good to pass it and show that I’m thinking about all the players on the pitch?’”

Adidas COPA SENSE.1 TF grass spike football shoesPresenting the Phantom and the Nike Air Tailwind V together creates a full-circle view of Skepta’s community-centered mentality.

“I love the culture around football as much as the game; I’m really into the culture of football jerseys for what they represent. They represent ‘team,’” he says. “Going to matches is sick too. When you go to a match, you experience live people, live audio, all the things that the TV might miss …you really feel it more than see it or hear it when you’re there.”

The Nike Phantom x Skepta and “Bloody Chrome” Nike Tailwind V x Skepta release June 12.

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Whether you are playing football in a formal league or using a backpack to mark the goal of a catch game in the park, the right footwear can improve your skills and help reduce injuries. Deciding which shoe is best for you will depend on many factors, but the main factor is the surface you are using. As Halle Bissen, assistant coach of the University of California San Francisco Women’s Football Team explained: “On the running-in grass, there is a hard ground with hard plastic non-slip shoes, metal spikes and non-slip shoes with soft ground.. Prevent slipping on wet grass and soil. Multi-layered ground shoes suitable for lawn or firm ground are located somewhere in the middle, and the hardness of cleats is not as short or as high as shoes on firm ground. Then indoor shoes, soles It has a flat bottom, a little pedaling and stickiness, just like a basketball shoe.”

New England Revolution professional midfielder Scott Caldwell (Scott Caldwell) said that once you know what to play, the rest depends on personal preference. He said: “Some people are looking for lightweight shoes, some people like the quality of the material, and some people prioritize fit. For me, I find that material and fit are the most important. If a pair of non-slip nails is fastened Sticking firmly to my feet, they will be comfortable and give me confidence in my ball control. The coach of the Nitehawks Sports Club in Massachusetts said, “He wants a cleat that feels like my feet. a part of. I have been looking for a soft and durable leather that feels like a second skin, so if my toes cock or bend my feet, “the shoes move with him.”

Synthetic shoes are generally lighter than leather, but they do not last for a long time, or they have poor shaping effect on human feet. Ivanov said that when he used to play often, “drag the toes and make the toes pierce through the cleats .” He said that compared with synthetic materials, “high-quality leather will last longer, so when The boots I ended up with felt like a part of my foot. I would not interrupt or break another pair.” Chicago West Loop coach Stefan Markovic agreed. He said: “soccer shoes should be used for three, four or five years, depending on how well you maintain your shoes, while synthetic shoes can only be used for one or two seasons.” One of his warnings is: “If you play in Outside the wetland, leather is heavier than synthetic fiber.”

To help you find the right football shoes for you, we talked with five professional coaches and players from all over the country. This is their suggestion.
Best overall football shoe
Adidas Copa Mundial football boots
2021adidas Copa Mundial
Adidas Copa Mundial is a classic shoe that has been consistently praised by experts. James Bede, owner of the James Bede Football Club in Newton, Massachusetts, has worn Copa for many years. He said: “It’s moldy with the movement of my foot. When you hit the ball, it feels like a barefoot game.” He said. Describes the kangaroo skin as “smooth like velvet” and said: “It feels like wearing sandals, the toes are comfortable and exposed to the air.” Caldwell said : “The leather material is very suitable for my feet, and it is very long. For a while, if you continue to protect the leather, this is my favorite classic shoe. The comfort and confidence when wearing shoes are only higher than other boots .” Markovic also thinks this is his favorite shoe. He said: “I owned my mines in 2014, and I still own them and still use them.” Ivanov said that they are ideal shoes for new players because their stiffness provides prevention of injuries . Additional support required.
The best outdoor synthetic football cleats
Nike Phantom Vision 2 Pro Dynamic Fit FG football boots

Nike Dark Shadow 2

Save $150 68%
If you can find laceless cleats in these sizes, then they are one of Bisson’s favorite cleats (she said, this is worn by players on the UCSF women’s team). She likes the tightness around her feet: “They are like slippers. The shoes hold the feet tighter than usual, and it feels like the feet are shaping.” She said. Because of the tightness, she cautioned that it would take some time for the shoes to be put on. “In the first month, I had to try to wear them. Now I wear them, no problem,” she said. “Once they enter, my feet will feel like wearing sock boots. I feel very safe. My feet don’t move a lot.” Ivanov is also a fan of non-lace cleats and said “For players who like to hit the knuckles, it is recommended that you want the ball to rotate from the foot without rotating” players recommend them.

28 at Amazon
Adidas Predator Mutator 20.1 Firm Ground Cleats
2021 adidas Preator Mutator 20Adidas Predator Mutator 20.1 Firm Ground Cleats

Ivanov says that, although he has tried other brands, “he keeps going back to Adidas.” Most of his players wear Adidas, too. These shoes are his current synthetic favorites, and although they are expensive, “you get what you pay for,” he says. “At this higher end, it’s like you aren’t wearing it. If I’m out on the field for hours, I want my feet to be comfortable.” He recommends them for any JV or varsity high-school athlete, or for college athletes. Although he personally prefers leather cleats, Bede says you can’t go wrong with any Adidas. “I’m loyal. I don’t wear any other brand’s cleats.”

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Champions League championship trophy, Nike Super Mercury 8 and Mercury Vapor 14 Nike Nike Champions Tour.

Nike Mercurial Superfly 8

Nike Mercurial Superfly 8Nike once again put its famous Safari print on its Mercurial non-slip shoes. Eleven years after it first appeared on a pair of football boots, it reappeared in the color scheme of the Champions League special edition and made its debut on the next-generation Mercurial released in January last year. This is the first time that this pair of Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo) is not unique, but worn by all players who wear Mercurial and are still in the Champions League.

Nike Vapor 14Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 and Vapor 14 Safari are wrapped in “white/black/metallic silver/volt” colors, sprinkled with the famous Safari pattern created by Tinker Hatfiled in 1987. Used in the Champions League, and therefore used in spotlights and flashlights, special treatment was applied to these shoes to make the Safari pattern react to these lights. From a technical point of view, the Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly 8 and Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 in this package are not innovative. Therefore, the technology of the two pairs of shoes is exactly the same, especially their new super-comfortable synthetic Vaporposit coating and a new sole with improved response speed.

2021 Nike Superfly 8

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According to football coaches and players, the bestNike Vapor 13 Elite FG football boots

adidas Nemeziz .1 FG football boots

Nike Phantom GT Elite 3D football bootsWhether you are playing football in a formal league or using a backpack to mark the goal of a catch game in the park, the right shoes can improve your skills and help reduce injuries. Deciding which shoe is best for you will depend on many factors, but the main factor is the upper you use. As Halle Bissen, assistant coach of the University of California San Francisco Women’s Football Team, explained: “On running-in grass, use hard plastic non-slip shoes on hard ground, and use metal non-slip shoes on soft ground. . Avoid. Sliding on wet grass and soil. Multi-sole ground shoes suitable for turf or solid ground are in the middle position, and the hardness of cleats is not as short or high as the shoes on solid ground. Then some indoor shoes, these shoes have flat sole The shoes are slightly trampled and sticky, almost like basketball shoes.”

NIKE Mercurial Superfly VII Elite SE FGfootball bootsNew England Revolution professional midfielder Scott Caldwell (Scott Caldwell) said that once you know what to play, the rest is up to personal preference. He said: “Some people are looking for lightweight shoes, some people like the quality of this material, and some people give priority to fit.” “For me, I think material and fit are the most important. If a pair is non-slip Nailed firmly to my feet, they will be comfortable and give me the confidence to control the ball.” Alex Ivanov is an imperial league and decathlon athlete In the first half of professional football, and is the current head coach of the Nithawk Sports Club in Massachusetts. I have been looking for a soft and durable leather that feels like a second skin, so if I curl my toes or tilt my feet, the shoes will move with him.

Nike Vapor 13 Elite FG football bootsSynthetic shoes are usually lighter than leather, but they do not last for a long time or have a poorer shaping effect on human feet. Ivanov said that when he used to play games, he “pierced the cleats by dragging and breaking the toes.” He said that compared with synthetic materials, “high-quality leather has a longer lifespan, so when When I finally get a boot that feels like a part of my foot, I won’t wear it or break another pair.” Chicago West Loop coach Stefan Markovic agreed. He said: “I will always recommend everyone to try leather shoes.” “Depending on how well you maintain them, they will last three, four or five years, while synthetic shoes will only last one or two seasons.” He warned One is: “If you play on a wet field, leather will be heavier than synthetic materials.”

adidas Nemeziz .1 FG football bootsTo help you find the right football shoes for you, we talked with five professional coaches and players from all over the country. This is their suggestion.

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From preventing injury to flagging offsides: What will football boots look like in 20 years’ time?

Since Alan Ball first revealed a pair of white Hummels, rugby boots have come a long way, and at the same time led Everton to 2-2 in the Charity Shield in 1970. 1 beat Chelsea.Ironically, for the visionary German company, this momentous moment is a lie. The 1966 World Cup champion midfielder actually wore a pair of adidas boots before the game, hurriedly whitewashed the Hummel tuxedo and disguised it as white.But even though Ball’s choice of footwear made him seem overly exaggerated in his role in the early 1970s, by modern standards, he would be confused with some other shy and retired people.
Nike Phantom GT Red Blue Waterproof Full Knit Original FG Football BootsIn MAG, Bruno Fernandes (Bruno Fernandes) exclusive! Plus the top 50 in the football league, Batistuta, Rafinha, Padre + free 2020 European Championship wall chart Cristiano Ronaldo, Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe are among the best three in the world, and they are all currently wearing Nike Mercurial boots. The color is bright red or pink, depending on whether you speak PR terms. Lionel Messi’s adidas Nemeziz confuses royal blue with daylight yellow. Even Paul Pogba’s relatively taciturn adidas Predator Freaks are covered by the porcupine-style “Demoskin 2.0 thorn”.

Nike Phantom GT Elite Dynamic Fit FG green football shoesFootball boots are no longer a tailor’s term; they are technical tools. Tie a pair of boots like on your Apple Watch, or connect Bose wireless headphones before you leave home. Gone are the days when Sir Alex Ferguson banned young people from Man United from wearing any brightly colored clothes.So, for the once humble football boots, what will the future look like? Take 17-year-old Shola Shoretire as an example. He recently made his debut at Manchester United wearing a pair of adidas X 19.1 boots. If he follows in the footsteps of Arjen Robben, Franck Ribery and Ricardo Quaresma and lasts until the age of 37, what state-of-the-art innovation will he slide on the court he was wearing in 2041?

There is room for improvement. This is based on the design of Simon Heap of the “Sports Design” company, an innovative sports product design consulting company that specializes in creating and improving new and existing products in sports. In the past few years, football boots have been very static designs. The last real innovation is adidas Predator, which is based on Craig Johnston’s original design. “Former Liverpool and Middlesbrough midfielder Johnston designed a prototype for the “Predator” after retiring from professional competitions in 1988, and Adidas launched its boots before the 1994 World Cup. Despite facing fierce competition from Nike Tiempo Premier, 10 players participated in the final between Brazil and Italy, but the “Predator” stepped into the feet of German forward Jürgen Klinsmann and Ronald Koeman of the Netherlands. Look back.

Nike Phantom GT Elite Dynamic“Clearly technology has improved in recent years, with wireless connectivity giving access to data produced by players during training sessions through devices such as Catapult,” Heap continues. “However, there is an opportunity to track players’ pressure points through a foot pad to determine if injuries have been picked up or if the player is running differently, even to see if a running style may be causing long-term issues.”Tom Matic, Performance Design Manager at The Footsoldiers Design Consultancy, agrees that data will be prominent in the football boot of the future, saying: “The increased usage in science-led testing has enabled us to learn more about the way players interact with the ball on the field.

“For example, data garnered from computer-aided machinery allows us to see how far up the leg the ball travels when a player passes or takes a first touch. This type of information will start expanding the requirements of what a boot does and what purpose each part of the boot serves in an ever-evolving game.”This could explain the emergence of mid and high-cut football boots across all major brands, including the Nike Phantom GT, worn by Man City’s Kevin De Bruyne, and the Puma Future 5.1 Netfit, used by Borussia Dortmund captain Maro Reus.

Nike Superfly 8 Elite FG pink football bootsRob Major, Footwear Designer and Founder at SEEC Sustainable Apparel and Footwear, adds: “Data has become a big part of football over recent years. Going forward, the boots players wear can be driven by data to increase performance through factors like speed, agility, ball manipulation, grip and traction.“Every stud could be tailored and made to a precise length and shape for a specific pitch; each stud could be slightly different length throughout the sole if required, while every game could see a different number of studs on the sole, or a different configuration of studs.”

Moving from the influence of data to the actual design of the product, Major believes “we are on the crest of a huge change in both materials used and manufacturing processes” which will in turn contribute to the overall look and feel of prospective football boots.“My vision is that players will have bespoke boots made in localised laboratories for every game. Each player will have a custom pair of

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NWSL’s Carson Pickett Explains Benefits Of Nike’s New FlyEase Technology In Soccer Cleats

Nike FlyEase Phantom GT Football

Nike FlyEase Phantom GT FootballNWSL star Carson Pickett still remembers the pressure of learning to tie a shoe as a kid with one arm. While she experienced joy in figuring out how to make it work, there was frustration aplenty in the process. And even with success, there’s never a quick way to make it happen when on the field in the middle of a soccer game.

She hopes the Nike NKE +0.5% Phantom GT Academy FlyEase changes that for players of all ages, but especially young players.

Nike FlyEase Phantom GT football panel“When I opened the box, immediately I felt a sense of relief, relief because I didn’t see laces that had to be tied, relief that I didn’t see a heel that was impossible to get on and a sock that was really hard for someone with one arm to get on,” Pickett says. “I saw my younger self and it almost brought me to tears, it is awesome to see something that would have helped me when I was younger. I think a lot of kids will definitely see relief then they see the shoe.”


Nike, which has been rolling out new FlyEase technologies that now span basketball to football to other sports, including a new Metcon6 FlyEase announced last week and the new soccer cleat, not only removed the laces, but created a drop-down heel, Pickett’s second-favorite part of the new design.
Nike FlyEase Phantom GT Soccer

The FlyEase entry on the Phantom GT Academy is a first for soccer cleats and makes the heel entry … [+] Nike
Nike Signs Soccer Star Ada Hegerberg Away From Puma With ‘Game Changer’ Step Toward Equal Pay
The World’s Most Valuable Sports Teams 2020
Highest-Paid Female Athletes 2020: 50 Years After Creation Of Women’s Tour, Tennis Dominates Earnings List

“There is no problem getting in it,” she says. “I can’t wear the sock Nike boot because it is hard to get on, but a boot like this helps me get my foot in there super quick and then secure my heel.” She also appreciates that the heel design allows for movement to ensure a personalized fit.

Sarah Reinersten, a member of the Nike FlyEase innovation team, says there were plenty of challenges in creating a soccer cleat with adaptable entry, but one of the things they had to think about was crafting a product that could still function well in the variety of environmental elements soccer players face, whether rain or mud. To protect the drop-down heel, the Phantom GT Academy uses a Velcro strap that wraps the heel and Reinersten says they went for a higher grade of hook and loop compared to an indoor model to ensure it could “take some of the elements out and keep the grip.”

The drop-in heel isn’t new for the FlyEase line, using a similar concept as the Nike Air Zoom Universe in basketball, but the use of elastic chords instead of magnetics provides differentiation and additional flexibility to the wearer. It also makes it lighter for the pitch.
2021Nike FlyEase Phantom GT FootballNike FlyEase Phantom GT Soccer

The Nike Phantom GT Academy design. Nike

Pickett appreciates that the lack of lacing can help with technique when on the field. “I am a free-kick artist,” she says. Taking multiple set pieces for her teams in Orlando and Australia, she says there have been times she wanted to hit a bending ball and saw shoelaces in the way. “It is going to be amazing for kids to learn and get their art down perfect,” she says. “I have trained in this boot and I love it.”

Having the ability to provide feedback on this first iteration was something special for Pickett. “It is amazing that Nike is asking how they can make something better and asking me, a 26-year-old,” she says. “That is really awesome for Nike and me.”

Expanding into soccer — Pickett plays mainly in either the Tiempo or Phantom models — shows that Nike wants to make accessibility a priority for kids across the world. “To have this boot as an option for young players show how much they care,” she says. “It matters what boot you are in. They have done an awesome job to include soccer.”

As someone who also coaches young kids, Pickett knows the constant need to tie shoelaces of 5-year-olds who “cannot seem to keep their shoes tied.” She also remembers times when at a young age she was knocked down on her left side and unable to catch herself, “vivid memories” that wouldn’t be different from a player falling hard because they tripped over untied laces. “You remember that for a long time,” she says. “A boot like this is going to help. You can strap it on super quick and be ready in two seconds. I think that is going to help a lot of youth players.”
Nike FlyEase Phantom GT Soccer

Nike FlyEase Phantom GT football back heelThe FlyEase entry makes an appearance on the Nike Phantom GT Academy. Nike

Pickett commended Nike for removing the bulk from the strap, reducing it to the point she says the vast majority of players won’t notice it during play. She also says there were so many small elements she noticed as she started really looking at the cleat closer but loved the pink on white aesthetic in a design that doesn’t stand out and scream about differences. “It looks like you have shoelaces,” she says, “without having to go through the trouble.”

Nike launches FlyEase technology for soccer in the Academy level cleat, which releases in September, a lower price point, another aspect that makes it accessible, but expect to see the FlyEase collection grow in soccer. The mainline Phantom GT makes its debut Aug. 3. Pickett hopes getting the Phantom GT Academy onto the foot of a variety of players will help both players enjoy the game and Nike expand the FlyEase opportunities in soccer.

“All the troubles I talk about are actually personal troubles,” she says. “All the struggles that happen at the youth age happen at the pro level but are heightened. I’m pushing them to get something on the elite level and hopefully that will happen sometime soon.” First, though, Nike started with accessibility for the soccer-playing masses.

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Becky Sauerbrunn participated in the first batch of women’s football non-slip shoes

Becky Sauerbrunn (Becky Sauerbrunn) participated in the first batch of women's football non-slip shoes

Becky Sauerbrunn participated in the first batch of women’s football non-slip shoes (every time!)

espnW: Finally, women not only have one cleat, but also two cleats. how does it feel?

Sauerbrunn: It feels a bit like “about time!” I have worked for Adidas for a few years and they have been improving the abilities of female athletes. This is the logical next step in the development of women’s games-a cleat designed specifically for women’s feet, suitable for our sports on the court.espnW: Which of the most important areas of the cleats do you think needs to be changed to make them more suitable for female athletes?
Sauerbrunn: So far, women’s cleats are based on men’s cleats. They are smaller in size and use a different color scheme to distinguish them from women’s cleats. The physiology of our feet and our body is completely different! The profile of the new cleats and the height of the neckline have been reduced. Their nails are shorter and have different nail structures, which can better match the way we exercise in the field.
Becky Sauerbrunn (Becky Sauerbrunn) participated in the first batch of women's football non-slip shoes

Since I started working with Adidas, I have been providing feedback on Adidas cleats. So far, in each iteration of Ace and X, I have always criticized once or twice. I often tell them that the cleats are too wide, my feet are slippery or the collar is too high and cut my ankle. The female Ace I am wearing is close to my feet, and the lowered collar allows me to move freely while playing.espnW: Have you noticed a change in the performance of these models compared to the models used

before?Sauerbrunn: I train and play pickup football at Adidas, and they often want me to try new boots. Usually, I warm up in it and then return to my newest partner. When I wear these clothes for the first time, I don’t have to change clothes. They prepared for the game from the beginning. When I’m on the court, I don’t want to worry about my cleats. I hope they can improve my playing style. This allows me to focus on the game and show my best performance.espnW: You choose to wear Ace cleats-why is it best for you?
Sauerbrunn: This is a pair of boots for control, so the cleats mimic my playing style. The leather forefoot helped me make my first contact and at the same time provided comfort. X aims to increase speed. The synthetic upper is lighter and can help players feel that they are not wearing any studs at all.Becky Sauerbrunn (Becky Sauerbrunn): “We are not an afterthought. We play different balls and walk different balls. We deserve a boot to reflect this.” Fred Kfoury) III / Icon Sportswire
espnW: Among all the new parts of Ace cleats and the specially designed parts, what do you think is the biggest difference?

Sauerbrunn: Different stud configurations add a new level of comfort. As women, we are under different pressures than men. The adjusted stud configuration can adapt to these pressure areas and distribute them more evenly across the entire outsole. Many sports can make you feel uncomfortable. It is great that we push the body so hard and add a little comfort.

Reporter: What kind of sports shoes do you like to wear when you leave the court for training?Sauerbrunn: I tend to use Women’s Ultra Boost for a long time. I have a pair of sneakers designed by Stella McCartney, but they feel more like slippers. If I want to do cross training for multi-directional sports, please wear PureBoostX.Reporter: What is your typical offseason?

Sauerbrunn: Many things! Now it’s time to develop and add elements to my game. During the season, the team will pay more attention to the next opponent, and seldom pay attention to personal development. Therefore, I watched a game movie during the holiday, noticed any pattern or repetitive errors, decided whether I made these mistakes due to my own decision-making or technique, and then proceeded to correct these problems.I continued to practice motor skills, but my interest in conditioning declined. Therefore, the impact on the body is less, and the mastery of technology and tactics is higher.espnW: Your team is synonymous with excellence-do you like the pressure of execution?

Sauerbrunn: The women’s national team is a very successful team. This success provides us with a platform to express our views on gender equality issues. In this country, thousands of young women play football, which makes them see that our contribution to the game is precious. If they aspire to the highest level of craftsmanship, then their efforts will be as inspiring as anyone, not just an afterthought.

This is what I proudly display through the nails of these women. We are not an afterthought. The actions we play are different. We deserve a boot that reflects this. Success did not motivate me like integrity. Everyone is lost. I like the pressure I encounter every day, concentrate and try my best to get the most from my teammates, and enjoy the pressure on the journey. We are so successful because some of our participants value this more than