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The Nike Rawdacious Colorway Celebrates the Unity of Sport

2021 Nike football boots

2021 Nike football bootsJuly 1, 2021-Nike’s Rawdacious color scheme for Tokyo-with white as the main component, plus pink, full orange and bright crimson-is how Nike uses color to inject cultural, psychological and emotional aspects Another example of profound cultural value. Its footwear.

“Color has the subtle ability to cause reaction and reflection at the same time,” said Martha Moore, vice president of product design for Nike Central Color. “When you see a color, you will immediately react in a certain way. Color can also open the door to history, connections with other disciplines and memories. When creating this year’s palette, we strive to Consider color to best represent a moment.”Nike designers looked at historical precedents — moments when world events put sports aground — and the spirit that flourished when it returned triumphantly. The warm palette of Rawdacious colors symbolizes the vitality of reunion through movement and marks a new beginning.

Nike Vapor 14 Elite PRO AG blue and green football shoes LeftThe color palette is based on white to indicate unity (it includes all hues in the visible spectrum) and return to squareness. The color layout also acts as a lighthouse to draw attention to the technical components of the footwear. For example, the Zoom Air airbags visible in the Nike Running style (such as the Air Zoom Maxfly sprint studs) are highlighted in volt green, with orange details rimmed and exaggerated. Moore said that similar to the negative space in art, other parts of the object can sing through the empty space.The result is that the color system that Moore said instills deeper meaning for athletes, whether they are for the gold medal or near the block.

Best selling Nike Phantom GT Elite AG-PR blue and white football boots vamp“Let’s be clear: I will never, never wear track shoes in competitions,” Moore said. “But I will wear a lifestyle, color-related spike model, because it has an impact on me at a certain time in my life. It makes a lot of sense to the world, and it makes sense to me. Color can Extract all these values ​​in one millisecond.”

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