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New Balance released the new 574 Silhouettes to mark the launch of “Gray Day” with the “Anyone Wear” campaign.

AW574GREY gray white NB574 sneakers


AW574BLACK black white NB574 sneakersEvery year, New Balance celebrates “Gray Day” in recognition of its iconic gray color scheme. This year, the sports shoe giant launched a campaign called “Anyone Wears” to showcase the release of its three new 574 models.

AM574SSG all white NB574 sneakersThe first of these three is called “Un-N-Ding” and it is the classic 574 structure. There is no signature “N” logo on the midfoot, giving the sneakers a minimalist and retro style. The second version of the shoe is a reintroduction of the original design first released in the 1980s. The perfect fusion is 57/40, renewing the original 547 with a modern feel. The upper is composed of a combination of suede leather and mesh cover, and is made of waves to create a futuristic feel. The top of this sneaker is decorated with a thick rubber sole, which provides comfort and durability in a variety of color schemes.

AW574GREY gray white NB574 sneakersThe “Gray Sky” campaign is called “Anyone Wears” with the same name as the silhouette slogan and aims to provide a platform for emerging British art talents. To celebrate the diversity of the country’s creative industries, New Balance worked with 5 individuals to have a positive impact on their respective communities. On May 15, Cktrl in London, Lauren Ralph in Birmingham, Sumuyya Khader in Liverpool, Meme Gold in Manchester and Wheelman in Glasgow were all creative people. They will have the opportunity to discuss their local broadcast on May 15. The radio station works and publishes topics covering fashion, art and music.

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New Balance Tokyo Design Studio Adds a Ripple Sole to the 574

2021 New Balance 574 Series

New Balance sneakers attributed to the Tokyo Design Studio are designed by a collective headquartered in Japan. A team of creatives in Tokyo, Taiwan and Boston combine cultures and influences with American-born footwear silhouettes. The resulting styles are innovative and often vastly different than products found in retailers stateside

 2021 New Balance 574 SeriesAltogether, the shoes are representative of the larger company’s newfound commitments to collaboration and innovation. The energy the Tokyo Design Studio team — specifically creative design manager Shugo Moritani — brought to the Boston-based company, we’d argue, forged a path forward in several fledgling, albeit foundational, categories (basketball, streetwear and retail).

New Balance MS237Typically, the US-based team offers designers and influential figures the opportunity to collaborate on unique color ways, interesting materials or patterns and, in the sole case of Jaden Smith, entirely new silhouettes. (Though newly appointed Creative Director of New Balance Made in USA Teddy Santis is surely next.) As such, the iterations done by the TDS are more limited in quantity but less limited in creative liberties taken.
That being said, they’re still rooted in a rigorous set of design principles — Precision, Nature Tech, Sports Craft, Protection — but are aimed at improving the wearer’s everyday life. On his design process, Moritani-san tells Sabukaru, “It starts from daily life and is completed by daily life. It’s a simple process actually, ‘How can I improve our lifestyle?'”
New Balancea NB237For the 574 by TDS, the most notable design decisions are the removal of the embossed “N” logos on both the medial and lateral sides, the reduction of any typeface logo to the TPU heel clip and the addition of a Vibram ripple sole. The latter evokes outdoor gear and more aggressive, functional apparel, but the shoe’s overall tone proves softer and more vintage. (It references an early NB sneaker called the Trackster.)

The toe is rounder, the footprint less curvaceous and the exterior less “puffy.” Constructed with a welted sole, lightweight EVA foam cushion in the midsole and heel, the aforementioned TPU heel clip, an upper comprising pig suede overlays, mesh underlays and reflective accents, the shoes are completed with cotton laces and an embossed suede tag — final touches from a design team that clearly emphasizes process and presentation.