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Graphene-enhanced long-distance running shoes last twice as many miles


Back in 2017, we looked at a cutting-edge piece of footwear from British outfit inov-8, which had teamed up with material scientists at the University of Manchester to develop the world’s first graphene-soled running shoes. A few years on and graphene is featuring more and more heavily in the firm’s catalog, this time around as part of foam cushioning in trail running shoes claimed to last twice as long as the industry standard.

2021 new sports shoesBy working graphene into the outsoles of its forward-thinking joggers back in 2017, inov-8 had itself a pair of fitness shoes that promised greater durability and grip across all surfaces. The company now says that its graphene-enhanced shoes accounted for more than 50 percent of its sales over the past three years, and it is looking to build on this trend with another unprecedented piece of footwear.

sale-nike-air-max-plus-3-ghost-green-aqua-mens-sneakers-dm2835-001In addition to “Graphene-Grip” outer soles like those found on its previous running shoes, the newly launched Trailfly Ultra G 300 Max targeted at ultramarathon and long-distance runners are billed as the world’s first running shoes to feature a graphene-enhanced cushioning foam, which displaces commonly used carbon plates and EVA foam to provide what are claimed to be some pretty big benefits.

womens-nike-air-max-97-white-green-purple-pink-outlet-sale-dh0251-100The graphene-enhanced foam was put through its paces on trails and in the laboratory, with the developers claiming it offers a 25-percent greater energy return than standard EVA foams. It also doesn’t suffer from compressive wear as easily and offers bounce and comfort over a much larger timeframe. So much so, the team says the foam still performed well after 1,200 km (745 miles), double the industry standard.

nike-sb-dunk-low-premium-112-metallic-silver-black-volt-504750-017“As well as on the trail, we also tested extensively in the laboratory, including subjecting the foam to aggressive aging tests that mimic extensive use,” says the University of Manchester’s Dr Aravind Vijayaraghavan. “Despite being significantly aged, the G-FLY foam still delivered more energy return than some unaged foams.”

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Graphene-enhanced foam running shoes ready for a long journey


The sports shoe company inov-8 introduced the world’s first running shoes using graphene-enhanced foam, which reversed the trend of carbon fiber board and doubled the industry standard for service life.The British brand, in collaboration with graphene experts at the University of Manchester, is preparing to launch the so-called largest sports shoe innovation in 2021.

Graphene-enhanced foam running shoesThe graphene-enhanced cushioning foam is called “G-Fly” and is a key part of the inov-8 Trailfly Ultra G 300 Max. The Ultra G 300 Max is a new type of trail running shoe designed for ultramarathon and long-distance runners.Scientific tests have proved that graphene-incorporated foam is the strongest material in the world, can provide 25% energy feedback, and is more resistant to compression and abrasion. Therefore, it can maintain the best bounce and comfort under the feet for a long time.This can help runners maintain faster speeds over longer distances, help keep their feet longer, and extend the life of the shoes.

best-selling-nike-air-more-uptempo-white-light-citron-dm3035-100The company claims that due to its new “Adapter-Flex” technology, this new shoe is also the first deep cushioning running shoe. A 10 mm underfoot groove can release the midsole and work in coordination with the foot, so the runner feels connected to the trail.Michael Price, the chief operating officer of inov-8, was born in the United Kingdom. He said: “In an industry where running shoe manufacturers seem to be hanging on carbon plates, we have put forward an innovative proposition. G-FlyCushioning The foam not only provides the runners with incredibly long-lasting energy feedback, but also makes the soles of the feet feel less rigid and agile.”For the past two years, we have been working with university and shoe industry veteran Doug Sheridan (Doug Sheridan) to develop this innovation. A team of 40 athletes from all over the world tested prototype shoes and 50 A variety of graphene-enhanced foams. Tracking test reports show that G-Fly foam still performs well after 1,200 kilometers, which is twice the industry standard.”

nike-overbreak-sp-pollen-rise-neptune-green-lifestyle-shoes-da9784-201Inov-8 first used graphene in 2018 when it first introduced “Graphene-Grip” rubber to the outsole of running, hiking and fitness shoes. In the past three years, its shoes with magical rubber functions have surged globally.The upcoming Trailfly Ultra G 300 Max shoes will also use Graphene-Grip and G-Fly and Adapter-Flex, all of which have been patented. Inov-8 is still the only company in the world that uses graphene in sports shoes. The company is located in the Lake District of Cumbria, which has always been the main source of graphite, which is a natural material for the production of graphene.Wayne Edy founded inov-8 in 2003. He said: “We will continue to innovate. Innovation is at the forefront of what we do. It is easy to follow others, but this is not our DNA. First of all, we use graphene rubber revolutionaryly, and now it is foam, which proves that we Dare to compete with Different.”

nike-zoom-freak-2-bright-mango-red-plum-volt-grand-purple-cw3162-800Graphene is not only 200 times stronger than steel, it is also the thinnest material in the world, and it has amazing flexibility. It was discovered as an almost invisible single-layer graphite in 2004, and was eventually awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics by a scientist at the University of Manchester.Since then, the university’s team of more than 300 employees has pioneered various projects and contributed to the graphene-enhanced sports car. Medical equipment; aerospace development; improving infrastructure, now sports shoes.Dr. Aravind Vijayaraghavan, a nanomaterial reader at the University of Manchester, home to the National Graphene Institute and the Graphene Engineering Innovation Center, said: “During the experiment, we also conducted extensive tests in the laboratory, including foam corrosion. Performance testing. Simulation. A widely used aging test. Although it has been aging for a long time, G-Fly foam still provides more energy return than some unaging foams.
“We are proud of the G-Fly foam, Trailfly Ultra G 300 Max, and everything we have achieved in our successful cooperation with inov-8. We look forward to the next phase and further expand the uses of graphene. Graphene is a potentially unlimited s material.”E&T pays close attention to the use of graphene and its wide range of applications, and has been widely used in many industries. E&T also previously interviewed two scientists-Andre Geim (Andre Geim) and Konstantin Novoselo (Konstantin Novoselo), they are behind the scenes “magic material” breakthrough discovery.

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How Kamala and her Converse rewritten the rules of political style


Like almost no other woman, Kamala Harris (Kamala Harris) wears sneakers most of the time. However, Harris seems to be the first person to do something naturally. In 2017, she became the first South Asian senator in U.S. history, and only the second African-American woman elected as a senator.
On November 7, Harris became the first African and South Asian man, and the first woman, and then Biden won the president and vice president of the United States. Among other things, this means that we will see Harris’s Chuck Taylors in the West Wing, and witness a senior female politician ignoring the “rules” of traditional political dress in a kind of Use her to redefine them in a groundbreaking way. Harris wore the classic Converse in Las Vegas in October

sale-jordan-pro-strong-black-white-aqua-basketball-shoes-dc8418-001In September, Harris set a precedent for what was about to happen. Then, she became a possible vice president. Instead of using wise court shoes, she got off the plane in a black Converse All-Star plane in Wisconsin, which was on duty at a coffee shop, not on the world stage. A plane often seen by politicians. Harris’ headline is: “Stand up and get ready for victory.” She knows that her classic American coaches have shown a viable attitude and sense of purpose. In addition, don’t think that Harris’ shoes are an attempt to attract young voters after being nominated as the vice president-she also put on these shoes, hoping for the president of last year. She said before: “I walk through the airport wearing Converse sneakers.” “I own all Chuck Taylors products: black leather pair, white leather pair, I have a type without shoelaces, yes. The type of shoelaces, The type to wear in hot weather, the type to wear outdoors. In cold weather, this is the platform that makes me wear pants.” Harris wore a pair of Converse in 2019.

nike-air-force-1-low-white-bright-crimson-outlet-sale-dj5148-100In October, she really raised the stakes, participated in the emblematic white high-top shoes embellishment, and participated in a rally in Florida. There are different words on the badges on both sides of the coach: “Black Joy”, “Stop Hate” and “Love 2020”. At the end of the test, this is a great way to pay tribute to millions of supporters. Harris wore her signature shoes at a rally in Florida in October.Harris’ provocative and casual attitude is in stark contrast to the current first lady Melania Trump, who voted in a primitive and elegant overall in the election day elections. She is wearing a chain-print Gucci dress, Gucci tone and a pair of beige patent leather Christian Christian Louboutin high heels. She is carrying a Hermès Kelly bag, but her accessories do not extend to the protective mask.Melania wore a Gucci dress to vote in Florida this week.Of course, the content of the female politician’s wardrobe has been the subject of much discussion (in contrast, the situation of male politicians is frustrating). A good example: Theresa May likes leopard kitten high heels, which has caused countless headlines. Back on the other side of the pond, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s clothing choices were scrutinized, including wearing “luxury designer outfits.” Harris participated in her Converse at a rally in Florida last month.

2021 new sports shoesAs we all know, clothes have the ability to increase self-confidence, especially those that make us feel comfortable. Harris combined her favorite sneakers with the much-loved “Pearl of Power” to keep her in good shape through hard work-she looks relaxed​​. “Throughout the process, our iconic All-Star sneakers appeared in moments of progress, change and creativity; our canvas was used as a symbol of expression across the world and in different cultures,” a spokesperson for Converse told the UK “fashion magazine”. “We are very pleased that the Vice President’s wife chose Chuck Taylor All-Star to reflect her personal identity at a historic moment.” Therefore, future female politicians will not feel compelled to adopt the “appropriate” wardrobe when running for office. You can think of it as a lesson: you will never make mistakes for yourself.

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The 9 best running shoes to reach your fitness goals in 2021

New sports shoes running shoes 2021

By convention, millions of people across the country are using the new year to initiate new and improved fitness goals. Whether you want to keep your daily activities or start over, it’s important to wear your shoes correctly in order to take these intentions seriously. Despite the cold weather, outdoor sports are still very popular. Today, with accessories such as gloves and masks, you can still protect yourself from various factors and surrounding diseases, while also avoiding sweating. Choosing running shoes is not easy. From use (long distance or short distance) and design (platform or flat) to the final color scheme (important), these are all issues to consider when looking for the perfect sneaker. In the future, we will research and test many trainers who are beyond the scope of our qualifications. Both men’s and women’s sizes are available. Buy our favorites below and grab a pair on the next sunny winter morning.
In the past, we have praised Air Zoom Pegasus, so it is natural to include this bestseller on this list. Not only are they beautiful, but the Swoosh signature React foam in the midsole is lightweight, flexible and durable. Link these kicks to Under Armour’s Map My Run App. Over time, it will track and analyze your metrics to help you become a better runner. HOVR’s “bubble + energy network” promises to give back the energy you put into every step.
New sports shoes running shoes 2021CloudTec technology is suitable for everything from speed running to marathon training. It provides cushioning during the landing phase and is firmly locked to form a solid foundation.

best-sale-nike-air-max-270-black-neon-blue-green-pink-white-dj5136-001tisfied customers say that they are ideal for marathon training. They are “the most comfortable shoes ever” and are “supportive, sturdy and heavy.”

carpet-company-x-nike-sb-dunk-high-white-royal-pulse-cv1677-100In short, Ultraboost 20 is incredible. Features include incredible energy feedback, a comfortable and responsive Boost midsole, and the feeling of grasping every step.
2021 casual shoes sneakers on the feetSaucony’s PWRRUN cushion is ideal for fast transitions, keeping a lighter response speed and helping you get your personal records faster.