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17 vegan sneaker brands you need to know

Nike Phantom GT Elite FG

Finding cruelty-free shoes to fit your lifestyle shouldn’t have to be a chore, that’s why we’ve done the work for you by highlighting the veg-friendly brands we are loving! From athleisure sneakers to classy and sassy low tops, you are sure to find the perfect kicks for any occasion. Here are 16 eco-friendly shoes for vegans, athletes, and fashion lovers alike!
This California-based brand makes shoes designed for women on the go, as each shoe provides flexible and lightweight comfort. The Life Force Sneaker is made with threads from recycled PET (polyester) bottles, and is ideal for wearing to the gym or on your commute to work. The Limitless Grey shoe is also a great choice for a cute and casual look, and will keep your feet comfortable as you take on the day!
2021 new coconut shoesFrom sporty sneakers to everyday slip-ons, this brand offers men’s and women’s waterproof shoes that can be worn for any occasion, rain or shine! Vessi sneakers are fully vegan and come in Weekend (inspired by 90s styles), Cityscape (rain-proof, snow-proof, and slush-proof), Everyday (increased arch support and thick soles), and Everyday Slip-On varieties. Vessi sneakers are also perfect for travel as they are very lightweight, ultra comfy, and 100% stylish!

Nike Mercurial Vapor VII 13 Elite FGLive life fashionably and freely with vegan-friendly Freewaters kicks! The Trainer Knit sneakers will become your new go to shoe when hustling through the airport or when strolling through the park. The brand also makes cozy slippers equipped with a sponge rubber sole that can be worn both indoors and outdoors!

2021 new sports shoesA staple in vegan fashion, Will’s Vegan Store offers cruelty-free kicks using Italian vegan leather—all made from plants! Ladies and gents can strut in style with the LDN Biodegradable Sneakers, which are designed to be breathable and lightweight for all day comfort. The brand also offers men’s and women’s sandals, loafers, hiking boots, and more!

2021-release-nike-air-max-plus-bright-crimson-dj5138-600-2NAE (No Animal Exploitation) offers animal-friendly shoes for both men and women, as well as unisex products. The Portugese vegan footwear brand uses materials such as Piñatex (fiber from the waste leaves of the pineapple plant), organic cotton, cork, vegan leather, recycled PET (a highly recyclable plastic resin and a form of polyester), and vegan velvet. Stroll through the fall foliage in a pair of Matt Black Vegan Sneakers, or flaunt your cruelty-free style with the EFE Brown Vegan Sneakers.

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How Kamala and her Converse rewritten the rules of political style


Like almost no other woman, Kamala Harris (Kamala Harris) wears sneakers most of the time. However, Harris seems to be the first person to do something naturally. In 2017, she became the first South Asian senator in U.S. history, and only the second African-American woman elected as a senator.
On November 7, Harris became the first African and South Asian man, and the first woman, and then Biden won the president and vice president of the United States. Among other things, this means that we will see Harris’s Chuck Taylors in the West Wing, and witness a senior female politician ignoring the “rules” of traditional political dress in a kind of Use her to redefine them in a groundbreaking way. Harris wore the classic Converse in Las Vegas in October

sale-jordan-pro-strong-black-white-aqua-basketball-shoes-dc8418-001In September, Harris set a precedent for what was about to happen. Then, she became a possible vice president. Instead of using wise court shoes, she got off the plane in a black Converse All-Star plane in Wisconsin, which was on duty at a coffee shop, not on the world stage. A plane often seen by politicians. Harris’ headline is: “Stand up and get ready for victory.” She knows that her classic American coaches have shown a viable attitude and sense of purpose. In addition, don’t think that Harris’ shoes are an attempt to attract young voters after being nominated as the vice president-she also put on these shoes, hoping for the president of last year. She said before: “I walk through the airport wearing Converse sneakers.” “I own all Chuck Taylors products: black leather pair, white leather pair, I have a type without shoelaces, yes. The type of shoelaces, The type to wear in hot weather, the type to wear outdoors. In cold weather, this is the platform that makes me wear pants.” Harris wore a pair of Converse in 2019.

nike-air-force-1-low-white-bright-crimson-outlet-sale-dj5148-100In October, she really raised the stakes, participated in the emblematic white high-top shoes embellishment, and participated in a rally in Florida. There are different words on the badges on both sides of the coach: “Black Joy”, “Stop Hate” and “Love 2020”. At the end of the test, this is a great way to pay tribute to millions of supporters. Harris wore her signature shoes at a rally in Florida in October.Harris’ provocative and casual attitude is in stark contrast to the current first lady Melania Trump, who voted in a primitive and elegant overall in the election day elections. She is wearing a chain-print Gucci dress, Gucci tone and a pair of beige patent leather Christian Christian Louboutin high heels. She is carrying a Hermès Kelly bag, but her accessories do not extend to the protective mask.Melania wore a Gucci dress to vote in Florida this week.Of course, the content of the female politician’s wardrobe has been the subject of much discussion (in contrast, the situation of male politicians is frustrating). A good example: Theresa May likes leopard kitten high heels, which has caused countless headlines. Back on the other side of the pond, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s clothing choices were scrutinized, including wearing “luxury designer outfits.” Harris participated in her Converse at a rally in Florida last month.

2021 new sports shoesAs we all know, clothes have the ability to increase self-confidence, especially those that make us feel comfortable. Harris combined her favorite sneakers with the much-loved “Pearl of Power” to keep her in good shape through hard work-she looks relaxed​​. “Throughout the process, our iconic All-Star sneakers appeared in moments of progress, change and creativity; our canvas was used as a symbol of expression across the world and in different cultures,” a spokesperson for Converse told the UK “fashion magazine”. “We are very pleased that the Vice President’s wife chose Chuck Taylor All-Star to reflect her personal identity at a historic moment.” Therefore, future female politicians will not feel compelled to adopt the “appropriate” wardrobe when running for office. You can think of it as a lesson: you will never make mistakes for yourself.