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2021 best-selling casual shoes sports shoes

Over the past year, the recovery of the running and hiking market has attracted a lot of attention, as consumers have turned to outdoor activities to replace gyms or escape home/remote office schools. However, there is another fitness option that may bring greater opportunities to footwear brands.
In late March, a study conducted by Rockport and First Insight found that more than half of Americans (53%) now walk 1 to 5 miles more per day than before the pandemic. Moreover, they seem to develop a regular habit, 36% of them walk at least 1 to 2 miles a day, and 21% walk 3 to 4 miles a day. More importantly: Almost all respondents (93%) said that even if the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, they are “very” or “possible” to continue this activity. (This study included a demographically representative sample of 1265 adults aged 18 and over.) Now, interest in walking as a way of life is gradually surfacing on the register. According to NPD Group’s retail tracking service, by the fourth quarter of 2020, retail sales of walking shoes will grow in low single digits. In contrast, the total sales of sports shoes during the same period fell by single digits.
2021-release-nike-air-max-90-surplus-supply-medium-olive-dd5354-222Matt Powell, NPD vice president and senior consultant in the sports industry, called on brands to pay more attention to the walking category in a recent blog post. “What if a smart brand and some smart retailers abandon the idea of ​​building and selling a great walking shoe?” he wrote. “For me, this is an opportunity to get more sales from new consumer trends. Perhaps a whole new category has emerged.”
Walking shoes are not a “new” concept in the footwear industry. For example, Rockport introduced the ProWalker style at the peak of aerobic walking in 1985 and continued to innovate through its Total Motion series. Rockport Total Motion sneakers Total Motion Sport knitted sneakers from Rockport.
Credits: Provided by Rockport
womens-nike-air-max-97-white-green-purple-pink-outlet-sale-dh0251-100Many brands from New Balance and Skechers to Vionic and Alegria currently also offer sneaker styles suitable for long walks or leisure walks. However, in recent years, the sales of these series are not necessarily walking products, but the more general term “sports” to connect with millennials and the latest fashion trends. (At the same time, according to Powell, others use the purpose of customers selling running sneakers to walk for fitness.) But as more and more Americans speak up, brands may benefit from more direct messages.This is the idea of ​​the new shoe brand Strole, which was launched this spring with the slogan “Enjoy Your Walk”. The label was created by a group of industry veterans, including Craig Taylor, who recently told FN: “We talked to hundreds of doctors and they all said the same thing: to someone A simple walk of 15 to 30 minutes will change their lives. Life becomes better. Therefore, we conceived a brand around self-investment and a simple, achievable, and healthy lifestyle.”
Strell Health Brand
Strole will be released in the spring of 2021.
sale-nike-air-vapormax-2021-oreo-black-white-metallic-silver-dh4088-003Amid the many stresses caused by the pandemic, it is reported that more and more Americans are discovering (or rediscovering) the benefits of being active, not just physical health. In the Rockport/First Insight study, 57% of respondents said that walking can relieve stress, while 67% strongly agree or agree that walking helps clear the mind and better control their lives. There are also social and personal benefits, because 28% of participants reported that walking is an opportunity to meet with their families, while a third of participants use their time off. (Interestingly, half of the interviewees said that they left their phones at home when they were away to get rid of the shackles of the screen.) Another potential attraction of the brand walking around is its scope. Among all fitness categories tracked by the Sports Fitness Industry Association, “fitness walking” is by far the largest level of participation: 114 million people (6 years and older) participated in the event at least once in 2020 – an increase of 2.3% starting in 2019 . In contrast, by 2020, there will be 50.7 million participants in running activities, an increase of 1.2% over the previous year.
SFIA said that in the past five years, walk participation has increased every year.

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Nike launches Go FlyEase sneakers, highlighting the trend of comfort

2021 new football shoes

Nike launched the first pair of slip-on sneakers without laces, hoping to maintain the same development momentum as competitors such as Crocs and Vans during the pandemic, because more and more consumers are beginning to pay attention to comfort and lightness. Footwear.The “Go FlyEase” shoes sold in the market can be worn without having to go up and down. The company said that this part of the inspiration comes from Asian culture. In Asia, it is customary to take off your shoes before entering the home. This is also the first appearance when people are more aware not to touch dirty surfaces (such as shoe soles).
2021 new football shoesNike FlyEase innovation manager Sarah Reinertsen said in an interview: “These shoes really reflect our current situation in the Covid era.” “Actually, this is an innovation that has been brewing in our innovative kitchen for a while. However, It will only appear at the right time, when we need it more than ever.” Go FlyEase is part of the Nike FlyEase line of running, football and basketball sneakers. It is said that these sneakers are easier to wear and more suitable for feet. Nike has been working on FlyEase innovations for five years, including shoes with side zippers and a pair of shoes with a drawstring on the back to secure the shoes tightly to the heel. Renerson said: “Regarding Nike’s decision not to use shoelaces, we have been using shoelaces for a long time.” “But… many times [people] try to get around these shoelaces, they try to fix them with one foot. Shoe and slide it out. Shoe straps are a bit troublesome. We want to make it easier for everyone to wear shoes.”
2021Trendy sneakersHowever, if you must remember, they don’t look like a pair of rubber crocodiles. For slip-on shoes, Nike’s version is very unique and complex. When not wearing, Go FlyEase is in the open position. The independent foot bed platform separated from the sole can be moved up and down through a hinge built into the bottom. The strap is wrapped around the top of the shoe. After the foot enters the foot, the buckle is in place because there is no shoelace to help tighten the shoelace. For many consumers, the biggest problem with slip-on shoes is usually to make them fit firmly to their feet. There is also a “support frame” on the heel to help take off the shoes. Renerson said that many people have already stepped on the back of their shoes intuitively to take off their shoes.
discount-nike-zoom-kobe-7-system-shark-mens-shoes-488371-401According to Reinertsen, Nike’s latest shoes are not for endurance sports, but for leisure sports (such as walking). She said that Nike plans to design and manufacture more pull-on sneakers based on Go FlyEase. These supplements can not only help Nike position itself as a sports brand, but also position it as a daily sports brand. From February 15th, this new pair of sneakers will be available for Nike members to choose from its largest market. The retail price is US$120. Subsequently, the sales range of this pair of shoes will be more extensive.
new-arrival-air-jordan-1-low-purple-white-navy-dj4342-400The phased release allows Nike’s most loyal customers to use it for the first time and hope that more people will join its free membership program, which also provides fitness classes and podcasts. By establishing membership, Nike can learn more about its customers and target customers through products that are more suitable for its active lifestyle. At present, comfort is the top priority for consumers. Many people are still working at home, and they are looking for a shoe that is convenient for wearing shoes or running errands at home. Many people also spend more time outdoors and prioritize physical exercise, such as walking nearby.
In recent months, brands that sell non-slip shoes (such as Crocs, Sports Propulsion Laboratory, Allbirds, and VF Corp.’s Vans) have become more and more popular. Shoppers are increasingly avoiding high heels and Oxford shoes and spending money on practical clothing and footwear. Matt Powell, a senior sports industry analyst at NPD Group, a research institute in New York, said: “Everyone is looking for comfort… an easy thing…” “Obviously, sports shoes outperform fashion… …In the past year, sports slides have also done very well.”
By 2020, sales of American sports shoes will drop by 2% year-on-year. Powell said that despite the decline, it was still better than overall sports shoe sales, which fell by 6%.
2021-womens-nike-air-max-97-gs-tiffany-outlet-online-dm3158-100Crocs was once avoided by the fashion industry, but it has always been an incredible beneficiary of the comfort trend. In the third quarter, Crocs’ revenue increased by 16% over the same period last year, reaching a record US$362 million. In January, Crocs raised its outlook for the holiday quarter and said it expects sales growth in 2021 to accelerate by 25%. Its share price has increased by more than 78% from a year ago, bringing its market value to $4.73 billion.
Although Nike is also seen as a winner during the pandemic, it is always looking for new areas of growth. In the second fiscal quarter ended November 30, Nike’s revenue increased 9% year-on-year to $11.24 billion.
nike-air-force-1-low-rhubarb-outlet-sale-cz0338-101NPD Group estimates that this year’s sports shoes and sportswear market sales will grow in low single digits, which will be higher than 2020 levels, but still lower than 2019. Powell expects running and hiking to drive sales, while comfort will remain a key theme.

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2021 Women’s Best Running Shoes


There are many factors to consider when buying new running shoes. You need comfortable, supportive, durable and ideal fashion products. Fortunately, dozens of sports apparel and footwear companies have invested millions of dollars to use advanced technology to develop the highest quality running shoes. Choose designs from big names like Nike, Adidas and Asics; cross-country experts like Merrell, Altra and La Sportiva; or newer kids like APL and On Running. Each technology brings its own technological advancement, design concept and stylish appearance on the track, field, road or mountain.

nike-air-force-1-07-prm-swoosh-pattern-white-multi-color-racer-blue-white-ck7804-100Nike is a global leader in sportswear innovation and manufacturing. Their collection of women’s running shoes is world-class and has the latest technology. Popular styles include React Infinity Run Flyknit, Air Zoom Pegasus 37, Free RN and Revolution 5. Most designs use Flyknit uppers, which combine tight and loose fabrics to ensure flexibility and support where needed. New materials for the upper include Atomknit (a lighter version of Flyknit) and VaporWeave, which is a waterproof alternative. Then, in terms of shoe soles, there are few such iconic developments as Nike Air. It has compressed air bags to increase movement and absorb impact. Nike also conducts chemical treatment internally, which allows them to develop foam insoles, such as React and ZoomX, which provide excellent energy feedback at every step.

2. Adidas
Since its establishment in 1949, Adidas has successfully operated, aiming to become the best sports company in the world. Therefore, they have a variety of women’s running shoes. Try to use UltraBoost, SolarGlide, SolarBoost, Supernova and Adizero models to get comfortable and smooth running. The most important innovations in the brand’s footwear include Boost and 4D midsoles and Primeknit uppers. Boost and 4D midsole improve the energy feedback at every step. The former is made of TPU, and the latter is shaped into miniature foam capsules. At the same time, 4D is a data-based innovation. It uses Digital Light Synthesis™ to print insoles with light and oxygen. Both increase propulsion, cushioning and stability. Finally, the Primeknit upper is not only stylish, but also optimized for performance, flexibility and sportiness. Collaboration with stars such as Kanye West, Pharell Williams and Stella McCartney has also increased Adidas’ street appeal for fashionable runners.

3. Reebok
2021-release-nike-dunk-low-university-blue-white-dd1391-102One of Reebok’s most iconic footwear developments may be Pump. After its release in the late 80s, you can manually add air to the upper and lower tongue pockets to improve fit and ankle stability. Today is as popular as it was when it was first launched. However, since then, this technology has been further developed, especially since it was merged into the Adidas Group in 2006. Zig Energy Shell is another innovation. This is a rubber band that is wrapped around the outsole and stretches whenever the foot bends and returns energy in every step. Regarding inner boots, FuelFoam is used in a variety of designs to achieve an ideal balance of cushioning and response. Reebok’s most popular women’s styles include Zig Kinetica, Instapump Fury, Forever Floatride and Classic Leather Legacy shoes. Fashionable women will also enjoy the collaboration of various artists and designers that integrate sports and art.

4. Puma


Puma was founded by Rudi Dassler in Germany in 1948. A year later, his brother Adi founded Adidas. Puma’s philosophy is to always pursue faster, better and stronger. Therefore, innovation is very important. Some milestone achievements over the years include Puma Cell, LQDCELL, ProFoam and PROPLATE. Both Puma Cell and LQDCELL use hexagonal battery buffer systems to improve stability and better filling effect. ProFoam is a lightweight yet flexible midsole that can create a sensitive running effect. Finally, PROPLATE is a built-in propulsion plate, which can provide you with better take-off and faster stride. You can use UltraRide Runner ID, Carson 2, Calibrate, Mega Energy and LQDCELL Method to invest in these advantages yourself. In addition, performance is not the only area of ​​innovation. First Mile yarn recycles plastic waste into usable materials, leaving a cleaner planet.

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17 vegan sneaker brands you need to know

Nike Phantom GT Elite FG

Finding cruelty-free shoes to fit your lifestyle shouldn’t have to be a chore, that’s why we’ve done the work for you by highlighting the veg-friendly brands we are loving! From athleisure sneakers to classy and sassy low tops, you are sure to find the perfect kicks for any occasion. Here are 16 eco-friendly shoes for vegans, athletes, and fashion lovers alike!
This California-based brand makes shoes designed for women on the go, as each shoe provides flexible and lightweight comfort. The Life Force Sneaker is made with threads from recycled PET (polyester) bottles, and is ideal for wearing to the gym or on your commute to work. The Limitless Grey shoe is also a great choice for a cute and casual look, and will keep your feet comfortable as you take on the day!
2021 new coconut shoesFrom sporty sneakers to everyday slip-ons, this brand offers men’s and women’s waterproof shoes that can be worn for any occasion, rain or shine! Vessi sneakers are fully vegan and come in Weekend (inspired by 90s styles), Cityscape (rain-proof, snow-proof, and slush-proof), Everyday (increased arch support and thick soles), and Everyday Slip-On varieties. Vessi sneakers are also perfect for travel as they are very lightweight, ultra comfy, and 100% stylish!

Nike Mercurial Vapor VII 13 Elite FGLive life fashionably and freely with vegan-friendly Freewaters kicks! The Trainer Knit sneakers will become your new go to shoe when hustling through the airport or when strolling through the park. The brand also makes cozy slippers equipped with a sponge rubber sole that can be worn both indoors and outdoors!

2021 new sports shoesA staple in vegan fashion, Will’s Vegan Store offers cruelty-free kicks using Italian vegan leather—all made from plants! Ladies and gents can strut in style with the LDN Biodegradable Sneakers, which are designed to be breathable and lightweight for all day comfort. The brand also offers men’s and women’s sandals, loafers, hiking boots, and more!

2021-release-nike-air-max-plus-bright-crimson-dj5138-600-2NAE (No Animal Exploitation) offers animal-friendly shoes for both men and women, as well as unisex products. The Portugese vegan footwear brand uses materials such as Piñatex (fiber from the waste leaves of the pineapple plant), organic cotton, cork, vegan leather, recycled PET (a highly recyclable plastic resin and a form of polyester), and vegan velvet. Stroll through the fall foliage in a pair of Matt Black Vegan Sneakers, or flaunt your cruelty-free style with the EFE Brown Vegan Sneakers.

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2021Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2


For the public, shoes are used to protect the feet, but if you ask the major sports shoe brands, everything from foam soles, elastic uppers, laceless sneakers to toe socks, etc. will change your pace. Walking, running, and everything else in between.

2021Casual shoes sports shoesFor Nike, it still has sports shoes commonly used in basketball and other sports, but in terms of running, the fabric upper that defines the Flyknit series still brings strong sports effects to sportswear brands, and even the latest Nike React like Nike Infinity Run Flyknit 2 enhances running performance.

womens-nike-air-max-97-white-green-purple-pink-outlet-sale-dh0251-100Nike tends to provide runners with low-to-medium mileage shoes while emphasizing aesthetics. We believe that Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 is just like that. In true Nike fashion, this pair of shoes does not look like typical running shoes, because its curved midsole and smooth upper make the sneakers used as both sports shoes and casual shoes.
In the store, these shoes are available in four colors for women and seven for men, or you can choose NikeID to create your own color scheme to bring a more eye-catching aesthetic. For those who are not familiar with NikeID, this is a free customization service of Nike, and shoppers can design these new shoes by themselves. To unlock this feature, you need to register for Nike’s free membership.

cheap-nike-air-max-95-nrg-lebron-outlet-online-cz3624-001This pair of shoes is very close-fitting, with minimal toe space, and fits a life-size pair. Shoelaces and tongues firmly fix your feet in the shoes, and a locking thread and a half-sewn tongue are added to ensure that your shoes will not slip during running. But be careful, some people complain that your tongue is delicate, so be careful, otherwise you will end up with your tongue torn. The upper is completely redesigned from the predecessor, using Flywire and Flyknit technology to ensure support and breathability. Flyknit technology uses different weaving methods of lightweight and strong yarns. This fabric forms a one-piece upper that not only supports the foot, but also fixes the foot in the shoe. It can do all of this while still being stretchable and breathable, providing the best comfort for any athlete.

high-quality-nike-air-max-genome-triple-white-cz1645-100-2The addition of Flywire technology adds Vectran filaments to the shoes to increase support and flexibility. The NASA-inspired material is light in weight, but by winding Vectran strands around the shoe, it can effectively form a locking fit. The material may be thin, but it is undoubtedly durable. The cushioning around the ankle is pleasant and soft enough not to cause blisters. It also greatly reduces ankle strain, allowing runners to redouble their efforts. The first version of the shoe was designed to reduce injuries to runners. Therefore, one of Nike’s first tasks is to ensure that the ankle is protected during running, which is why they decided to keep the heel clip of the shoe. The clip is made of a hard plastic called TPU, which creates a stronger heel, which provides extra stability at the ankle. It is best for Nike not to remove the pull tab on the back of the shoe. This is a good move, because without it, the shoe will be very difficult to remove and put on.
Turning to the soles, Nike’s hardest part is Nike React technology. The insole is made very thin, especially to make the flow channel closer to the React foam, so as to obtain a more sensitive feeling. The midsole is quite sensual in thickness and width. The 9mm sole provides comfort, while the thickness provides good stability and support. The midsole also has good arch support, which makes the shoes more pleasant.
Nike is known for creating slim feet. As mentioned earlier, the toe box is very suitable, and the arch support of the midsole makes the contours of your feet more visible. This is beneficial for regular runners because it can effectively distribute body weight. However, this is bad news for people with flat feet. This pair of shoes will make you very uncomfortable. You can solve this problem by adjusting the size, but some parts may not fit, some parts feel tight, and others feel loose. The sole has both a flared heel and a toe. This curved sole makes the transition from the runner’s heel to toe easier, and has a slight swaying feeling. It also provides a larger stride when running without hurting the thighs, knees and calves. This function is very useful for controlling our motivation and can further push us forward.

sale-nike-air-zoom-type-blue-neon-running-shoes-cv2220-400The shortcoming of this pair of shoes is lack of elasticity, because Nike is aiming for the impossible when it wants to make shoes that are both soft and durable. Our steps are limited, and it feels denser than running on the clouds. However, this experience may vary from runner to runner. We appreciate the compactness of React foam and its energy feedback, but when it comes to plush, Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 is gone. The outsole of the shoe has two different parts. The upper part holds the lining, and the lower part is carved with a gap similar to a