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Nike’s Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Is the Best All-Around Running Shoe

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 FlyEase Black, White and Blue CW7356-003

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 FlyEase Black, White and Blue CW7356-003It’s always best to train in a planned way, but every once in a while, I can’t figure out how I plan to incorporate running into my fitness plan. For example, when the weather is teetering on the verge of never completely raining, I can’t decide whether to go on the road for a long time, or do sprint work on an assault treadmill, or just record a mile or two on the tread.

It is in these days that I always reach out for my Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38s. In the past few months, Nike’s most versatile pair of all-around running shoelaces I have traveled a variety of miles (in many other cases, because it looks so sharp and clean; I will explain in detail later) .In this process, Peg 38s perfectly combines elasticity, stability and comfort to provide a smooth ride in a smooth ride. They are a workhorse running shoe that can play a role in multiple ways, and they also have a consistent, versatile style. Their price is $120, making them more value for money.

2021 Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 mesh breathable running shoes DD1827-001 LeftLast year, in fact, Nike began a drastic transformation of Pegasus, putting its super-elastic React foam into the shoe (instead of the old but stable Cushlon), changing it to forefoot Air cushion, and adjusting the external design. The end result looked more like some professional running shoes from Nike, which made me nervous at first. But it turns out that the ride is stable and responsive.Based on last year’s innovation, Peg 38s has adjusted the same design. This means you can still get React and Zoom Air in the sole, but Nike has made other adjustments for better comfort. The toe cap opens slightly; the feeling last year was always so slightly cramped and pressed against the outside of my foot. The heel also feels a bit tight, which is a good thing; last year’s Pegs did not completely lock the back of my foot in the shoe.

The running experience is best described as “smooth”. You can get a lot of comfort and firm cushioning from Peg 38s without sacrificing responsiveness. You can feel the ground in these shoes, every step you will feel the explosive forceThe biggest step forward for the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 sneaker is the overall appearance. Last year’s Pegs looked very much like running shoes and seemed to draw a lot of inspiration from Nike’s hardcore runners. However, Peg 38s provides a more attractive appearance and looks as comfortable as running shoes, but it is not suitable as a normal exercise shoe or a leisurely Friday night shoe.

New Product Release Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Mesh Breathing Running Shoe CW7356-100When you step in, this material feels softer and softer. The wider tongue makes the appearance more perfect. Nike also offers an adjusted shoelace system; the webbing near the laces brings a tight and friendly fit. The Nike swoosh with accent colors and stylish silhouettes completes this bag and strikes a balance between fashion for runners and ordinary people.I tested the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 sneakers on three different surfaces (track, grass, and my Assault Fitness manual treadmill), and on each surface, Pegs was stable and lively. Their forefoot provides firm fluidity and bending freedom, while still providing support, and the entire riding process is always smooth.

One of the best parts of these sneakers is how they cater to a variety of different running paces. When moving from heel to toe during a three-mile run, the Peg 38s performed as expected and easily handled the run with sufficient cushioning. It is also impressive how they performed when I took a sprint in my assault. I can almost “feel” my big toe off the ground, which is a sign of the outstanding flexibility of the entire Peg 38 sole.Peg 38s also provides so much cushioning that almost anything can land comfortably and naturally. As part of the warm-up for sprint training, I ran high knees, one-leg jumps, and stand-up long jumps. Especially the last exercise is not always the function of running shoes, but every time I land from the long jump, I can easily get balance in Pegs, and I never feel that my heel hits the ground.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 mesh breathable running shoes DH4254-100The end result is a very comprehensive running shoe that anyone and everyone can appreciate-especially considering the design. You can wear Pegasus 38s in almost any situation, from treadmill running to outdoor long-distance running, to travel to the grocery store, these shoes can provide you with support. These are the perfect generalist running shoes, in addition to a lot of versatility.

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