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The best Nike walking shoes according to experts

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New ike Air Max 2090 Summit White Champagne Football Grey Black CV8727-100 overallWalking shoes are a must-have for a smart wardrobe that anyone can own. Of course, they are great for those who deliberately walk, but they are also great for running errands, exploring new cities or taking dogs out. The right pair should provide support, stability and cushioning without all the technical bells and whistles required for shoes during marathon training. This is even more important, because as the pandemic eases, we will all return to a new normal. Go out more, wear less socks, and work from home.

Best selling Nike Air Max 2090 White Reflect Silver running shoes DB0927-100 OutsideWhen it comes to the latest feats of sports shoe engineering, Nike has long been the most important. Since its inception in the 1960s, Nike has been innovating, testing and adjusting technology to create responsive footwear — emphasizing responsive midsoles, supporting heels and breathable fabrics. Although thinking of walking sneakers may remind people of bulky styles, Nike’s new style covers a variety of styles, feels and fabrics.”When you are looking for a good walking shoe, you need to pay attention to the durability of the material,” said Mark Mendeszoon, a podiatrist and owner of Achilles Running Shop in Pennsylvania. “Also, make sure to have a good, sturdy foot bed that makes your feet feel comfortable, a supportive midsole and a good and strong outer layer that can walk on different surfaces, such as trails or cement.”

Fashion Nike Air Max 2090 Black Wolf Grey Outlet Sale BV9977-001 overallMendeszoon often recommend walking shoes suitable for walking, especially those who do not have any foot problems or chronic pain. There are several reasons. “Traditional walking shoes are made of leather or leather-like materials,” he said. “Sometimes these materials can’t breathe well, which can cause sweat and moisture to accumulate. This can lead to blisters and bacterial growth.”On the other hand, running shoes are made of breathable and moisture-absorbing materials. This not only makes you feel comfortable when you first put them on, but it also prevents your feet from feeling tight or sweaty while walking. Mendeszoon said that most running shoes can expand without stretching.

Mendeszoon is not the only one making suggestions. The American Academy of Podiatry Sports Medicine pointed out that most running shoes provide the necessary stability and support for walking. Even Nike says that many of its running shoes can also be used to help you stumble. That’s because the impact of touching the ground is greater when running (which means that runners usually need shoes with extra cushioning on the heel and forefoot), but the actions involved in running and walking are roughly similar.Because running shoes are designed for high impact, they also tend to be more advanced in midsole innovation, which is also good for walkers.”The midsole is where the shoe is designed,” Mendezorn said. “This is the difference in performance, stability and motion control. The thicker the midsole, the more durable,” he said. “For example, flat feet can be better cushioned to prevent the feet from rolling inward.”

2021 Hot sale Nike Air Tailwind 79 BeTrue white and black running shoes BV7930-401 overallIf you have flat feet or generally need more support, look for walking shoes with a larger midsole and a better fit. People with narrow feet and a neutral stance may choose a more standard silhouette.In addition, Mendeszoon pointed out that for walking shoes, don’t underestimate the power of less is more.

“When people don’t necessarily need it, people will buy X-shoes and X insoles from this brand,” he said. “I always ask: Why did you get it? Who let you get it?” Try different sneakers that provide different levels of support and different fits-you may not need extras. Start with our list of the best Nike walking shoes. You will definitely find some post-quarantine activities that suit you.

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